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What are the different plan group titles?

When creating a Plan Group, you will be asked to enter its:

  • Internal name
  • Purchase option name
  • Selection instruction

When creating a Plan, you will be asked to enter its:

  • Plan title
  • Plan label

Internal Name

A plan group's Internal name is a title for your plan group that only you will see - it is not visible to your customers.

Its primary purpose is to help you to easily distinguish your different plan groups from each other within the app's backend.

Purchase Option Name

A plan group's Purchase option name is the title of your subscription purchase option on your product page - this is what your customers will see.

Its purpose is to help your customer's find the option to subscribe to your product, rather than just purchasing it once.


'Subscribe and save'
'Subscription only'
'Recurring delivery'

Selection Instruction

A plan group's Selection instruction appears once your customer has selected the purchase option on your product page.

Its purpose is to let your customers know what they need to select.



'Select your delivery frequency and discount'
'How often what you like your order?'
'Monthly, weekly, or daily?'

Plan Title

The Plan title summarizes the benefits of what your plan offers - this is displayed within the drop-down menu on your product page as part of your subscription purchase options.



'Delivery every 2 weeks (10% off)'
'£20 discount, orders every month'
'Subscribe weekly, save 25%'.

Plan Label

The Plan label summarizes the benefits of what your plan offers in a shorter form than your plan title - these are displayed within your cart and checkout.



'2 Weeks, 10% off'
'Monthly, £20 off'

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