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How to Install Multiple SKU Bundles

When you click Add app on Bundle Builder's app store listing, the app will install automatically.

If you undergo the Automatic Installation:

  • ✅  You can create Single SKU Bundles
  • ❌  You cannot create Multiple SKU Bundles.


However, if you wish to create and sell Multiple SKU Bundles, you will need to complete the Multiple SKU Bundle Installation. This installation means:

  • ✅  You can create Single SKU Bundles
  • ✅  You can also create Multiple SKU Bundles.

To complete Multiple SKU Bundle Installation, add Bundle Builder onto the theme of your choice and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Check the Installation Status


  1. In the app's admin area on the left-hand side, go to Settings > Installation.
  2. Go to Theme, select your theme of choice, and click Check.

If the installation has been completed successfully, you should see a green tick next to Multiple SKU bundles. If not, you will see a warning message:


You can then choose whether you wish to complete the installation in order to install Multiple SKU Bundle functionality on your theme.


If you're not sure whether Multiple SKU bundles are the right option for your store, click here to read our guide on bundle types.

Once you are ready to complete the installation, you will be presented with a number of instructions:


Step 2: Create a Backup File

Before you start the installation, please create a duplicate of your cart-template.liquid file in the Sections folder of your theme (or cart.liquid in the Templates folder if the first doesn't exist). You should call this duplicate file cart-template--bb-backup.liquid.

This new file will act as a backup, should you need to revert back to before this installation at a later date.

Step 3: Work Through the Steps

The Multiple SKU Installation Checker will specify exactly which variables need to be changed in your theme code.

Follow the links to the correct file and replace all instances of each variable with the related new BB variable on the Installation page.

You can click the lighter boxes around the code snippets to instantly copy that specific code snippet, to speed the process up! To make this a little easier, there is a Search option (Command/Control + F on the keyboard) to jump between search results:



There may be multiple instances of each snippet - depending on your theme - so please ensure you can find no other instance of the snippet before you move onto the next.


For the step above, there may be more than one instance of '<form' lines on your cart page, so make sure you catch them all!

Step 4: Recheck the Status

If all the steps above have been followed correctly, you should see two success messages when you recheck the installation status.



If the installation was not completed successfully, please follow the updated instructions provided or contact our Support team at support@bundlebuilder.app with as much information/context as you can provide us with, regarding the progress made so far.

Now that you have successfully completed Multiple SKU Bundle Installation, you can get started on creating a bundle.

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