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You can edit the way your bundle page looks by adding images, editing the product grid, and changing the bundle layout:

  1. Go to Bundles.
  2. Select the bundle you wish to edit.
  3. Select Design.




You can add both product images and header images to your bundles up to 2MB large.


Product Image

Your product image is displayed in both the checkout and in email notifications.

To add this, go to Imagery > Product image, and select Upload.




Header Image

To add an image for the header of the bundle page, go to Header image and select Upload.




Header Image Width

Under Header image width, you have the option of setting your header image to:


  • Default - where your image sits in the center.
  • Full-width - where your image stretches to align with the content on the page.
  • Match page content - where your image stretches to fit edge-to-edge of the browser window.



Additional Fields


Adding a note field is a simple way to collect customer notes and messages related to your bundle.

You can add a text field to the bundle summary by heading to Additional fields > Add a note field.




Selecting Add a note field will allow you to Make the note field required, while also offering you the opportunity to add a Note field label to specify the information you need from the customer - this is recommended for merchants selling customisable products, or for orders likely to have special requirements.


The note field will appear in the bundle summary once the user has added at least one item.


Referencing a Note Field

If you wish to include your note field in your order confirmation emails, you can do so by including the following snippet:

{% for line in line_items %}

{% for property in line.properties %}

{% if property.first == 'Your note' %}

Your note for this product was: {{ property.last }}

{% endif %}

{% endfor %}

{% endfor %}


Learn more: For more information about line items in email notifications, click here.


Product Grid


Your Product grid configures how your products are laid out on your bundle page, and Bundle Builder allows you to choose your preferred features.




Bundle Description

By selecting Display bundle description, you will be able to type in the description to be displayed with your bundle.


If you wish to add instructions for your customers, we recommend that you use the bundle description field.


Enabling Product Tag Filters

Enabling product filtering allows your customers to filter products by product tag on your bundle page, therefore helping them find what they're looking for faster.



Note: Do not use white-space inside the tag as it doesn't work in the filter - use an underscore instead.


To display your tags in a drop-down filter on your bundle page, you will need to enable product filtering within the app:

  1. Go to Bundles, and select the bundle you wish to edit.
  2. Go to Design, and scroll down to Product grid.
  3. Select Enable product filtering.
  4. Click Save.


Read: To learn more about creating and using tags in Shopify, read the help pages here.

Additional Features

You can customize your how your bundle products are displayed further with the following product grid options:

  • Products per row - allowing you to choose how many products are displayed in each row.
  • Center products in the grid layout - to ensure that products are always centered on the page, even if they don't fill up the grid row.
  • Display product descriptions - to make the product descriptions visible beneath the product title (selecting this option will enable you to set a character limit).
  • Display 'Read more' link - this link opens a modal, allowing your customers to find out more about your products without having to leave the bundle page.



Product Grid


You have two options to display your bundle summary and price:

  • Full width - where the full width of the page is used to display the products, with the bundle summary and price below.
  • Sidebar - where the bundle summary and price are displayed to the side of the products.

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