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Installation: Overview

Requesting an Installation


Before you can start selling subscriptions, Assemble's snippets must be installed into your theme's code files. If you do not feel confident editing your theme's code files, our support team can install Assemble's snippets for you.


To request an installation, please email app-support@weareeight.com with the answers to the following questions:

So that we can best help, please ensure you provide key details including:

  • My .myshopify.com URL is:

  • My .myshopify.com password is (if the shop is locked for visiting customers):

  • The name of the theme I would like Assemble installed onto is:

  • On my product page, I would like the plan selector to appear (select one): At the top of the product form OR Above the Add to Cart button



Alternatively, you can install these snippets yourself by following the instructions below.

Step 1: Duplicate Your Theme


Due to the far-reaching nature of altering theme code-files, Shopify recommends duplicating your theme to create a backup copy before adding apps, allowing you to start again if you need to.

  1. Within your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes.
  2. Select your theme, and click Actions > Duplicate.



Step 2: Check Your Theme


Under Installation > Theme, you can choose which theme you would like to install Assemble onto.

Use the dropdown menu to select a theme, and select Check.


Step 3: Complete the Automatic Snippet Installation


The first of three installation stages is the Snippet installation - this will automatically install Assemble's core snippets into your selected theme, and does not require you to enter your theme's code files. 

To complete this step, simply click Install snippet.


Step 4: Complete the Manual Snippet Installation


Plan Selector Installation

To install the plan selector, simply follow the instructions to manually install the snippet.




Customer Portal Installation

To install the customer portal simply follow the instructions to manually install the snippet.



Step 5: Recheck Your Theme


Once you have successfully completed each installation step, select Check underneath your selected theme once again.

If you have correctly installed each snippet, the following note will appear stating that Theme installation is complete.



You are now ready to start creating and selling your subscription plans with Assemble.

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