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How to Create a Plan Group

What is a Plan?


A subscription plan is determined by how often a customer will receive their order, and can contain an optional discount.



On the product page, most merchants would like to offer more than one option in terms of how often a subscription order is delivered, and therefore must offer multiple plans per product - this is called a plan group.


What is a Plan Group?


plan group is like a menu for the subscription options that sit on your product page, allowing your customers to read through the available subscription plans, and select the one most suitable for them.


Step 1: Create a New Plan Group


Before you can apply products to a subscription plan, you must first create a plan group:

  1. Within your Shopify admin, go to Apps and select Assemble Subscriptions.
  2. Go to Plans.
  3. Select Add group.


Step 2: Choose an Internal Name


The  Internal name is a title for your plan group that only you will see - it is not visible to your customers.



Its primary purpose is to help you to easily distinguish your different plan groups from each other within the app's backend.


Step 3: Enter a Purchase Option Name

A plan group's  Purchase option name is the title of your subscription purchase option.



This appears on your product page. Its purpose is to help your customer's find the option to subscribe to your product, rather than just purchasing it once.




'Subscribe and save'
'Subscription only'
'Recurring delivery'

Step 4: Enter a Selection Instruction


A plan group's  Selection instruction appears once your customer has selected the purchase option on your product page.



Its purpose is to let your customers know what they need to select.




'Select your delivery frequency and discount'
'How often would you like your order?'
'Monthly, weekly, or daily?'

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