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How to Display Bundles On Your Storefront

Now that you have created your bundle and saved its progress, it's ready to go! It simply needs to be integrated into your store so that your customers can find it, which you can do by:

  • Adding the bundle to a collection (Manual or Automatic)
  • Using the bundle URL
Your bundle will not be visible on your storefront until you integrate it into your store.

Don't worry if you'd still like to make changes to the design of your bundle after it has been created - you can easily to do this by heading to Bundles, scrolling to your bundle, and selecting Edit > Design


Before Integrating Your Bundle

When you create a bundle, a placeholder product for your bundle will appear under Products within your Shopify admin to represent the product - this is called a dummy product.


Prior to displaying your bundle on your store, it's essential that your dummy product's Template suffix is set to product.bundlebuilder:

  1. Within your Shopify admin, go to Products.
  2. On the right-hand side, scroll down to Theme templates.
  3. Within the Template suffix, select product.bundlebuilder.


You will only see this option if you have installed Bundle Builder onto your Published theme under Settings > Installation.


If the product.bundlebuilder template is not selected, the product page template might appear instead of the bundle page template.

As Bundle Builder is not designed to work on your theme's product page template, this would result in your bundles not being able to load until the product.bundlebuilder is selected.

Method 1: Adding the Bundle to Collection


Using the Shopify system, you can tag your bundle into the Collection. Go to the Dummy page with the tag, and simply use this to include the bundle into a Collection specified. You will need to add a Tag to the Bundle Dummy product page, and to the Collection for both to be connected.

When the bundle is created, Bundle Builder creates a dummy product in your store every time you create a bundle, so you can add this product directly to your existing (or new) collections.


Method 2: Using the Bundle URL


You can add the bundle link as a menu item in your store’s navigation or link to it from an external site (such as Facebook or Twitter).

We recommend you always use the Bundle URL as this will link directly to the bundle.

You can also use the Product URL, but in this case it will take a few seconds while the page redirects you to the bundle itself.


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