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Dummy Products

On the Shopify platform, all products have product pages which can be found on your Shopify admin dashboard under Products > All products.

As dummy products are the placeholders for real bundle products, they have product pages all the same. However, the data on these dummy product pages does not reflect the accurate figures for the real bundle products.

Do not alter the data on your dummy product pages; doing so will disturb the functionality of the app.


In spite of this, the dummy product page and its data is essential and must exist:

  • It allows your bundle to show up in search results
  • It allows you to share the bundle in newsletters and on social media
  • It allows you to display your bundle as part of a Collection.

Finding the Dummy Product Page

The dummy product page looks like any other product page, and can be found via the dummy product on your Shopify Admin dashboard under Products > All products.



This dummy product will have the same name as your bundle, and will be listed as the exclusive product type Custom Bundle.



To access the dummy product page, select the dummy product.



Setting Your Dummy Products Visibility

On your dummy product page, the Product availability will need to be set to 'available'.

This is because, as the dummy product is a placeholder for the real product, making the dummy product visible on your sales channel avoids any 'out-of-stock' errors showing at the checkout. To edit this:

  1. Within your Shopify admin dashboard, go to Products > All products.
  2. Select the dummy product for your bundle.
  3. Under Product availability on the right-hand sidebar, select Manage.
  4. Select the checkbox stating Online Store, and click Done.
  5. Scroll to the bottom, and click Save.



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