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General Settings

Your general settings is where you can simply enable or disable basic settings within Bundle Builder.

  1. Within Bundle Builder, go to Settings.
  2. Select General.


Each setting available has the option to Enable it by simply selecting the checkbox.



Single Option Variants


Enable this to display the variant even when there is only a single option present.

Group Products in the Bundle Contents Summary


Select this option in order to group all products in the summary of your bundle contents.

Line Item Properties


Display line item properties in the cart and in email notifications by enabling this. 

Group Products in the Cart


Select this option to display the bundle products grouped together in the cart.



Enable this if you would like to display the SKU in the order line item properties for each product in the cart.

Third Party Inventory Check


Select this option to prevent selling of sold-out products when using third party inventory management.

Out of Stock Email


Allow customers to request to be notified when a product is back in stock by selecting this option.

Hide Out of Stock Product


Enable this to hide out-of-stock products - they will automatically become visible again once they're back in stock.

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