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Advanced knowledge of Liquid is essential

You need to have a strong understanding of
Liquid to create your own bundle template implementation - Template Creator was built to allow you to create your own Bundle Page template from scratch.

Most settings found within Bundle Builder will not apply to a customized template - you will need to code in any settings functionality that you require.

Due to the complexity and personalized nature of this process, we are currently unable to offer support for this functionality.


Template Creator allows you to replace the bundle page's default template with your own custom template. This will override the existing template and take full control of the bundle page as a result.

You can find the Template Creator in the Bundle Builder app by heading to Settings → Template Creator.


Restoring the Default Template


The default template files cannot be edited. If you want to rearrange the structure of the bundle page, you will need to create a custom template from scratch.

We are not currently able to provide replicas of the default template; this is due to the number of theme settings-specific information and the high number of conditionals we have based on the default bundle settings. The code specifically is not the limitation, but more so the settings (and the amount that would need to be transferred).


In case of deletion, or any changes made to the default template, you can repair this by deleting the code, saving the page and then refreshing your browser. This should restore the default template.


For more information, please read our reference guides:

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