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Using Accelerated Payment Options with the Bundle Page


Issues can often be created for Bundle Builder users if Dynamic Checkout options are available on the Cart Page. This includes Google Pay, PayPal Express, Apple Pay, and other third party payment providers.  These Dynamic Checkout options allow customers to quickly purchase the item they're viewing, and skip the full checkout process.  However, skipping the full checkout process will cause inconsistent problems to occur with the Bundle Builder app. 

For most themes, these are enabled and disabled in your theme's Cart Page settings, within the Theme Editor.

Where can I use Accelerated Payment Options?


Dynamic Checkout Buttons should only be used on the Checkout page, and not the Cart page.

The customer can use the Accelerated Checkout options on the Checkout Page with no issue, but allowing the customer to use them on the Cart Page will bypass the Shopify checkout, and direct the customers directly to the payment provider's checkout system.  


This interrupts Bundle Builder's processing, and will cause the bundle to fail, and show as either out of stock, or come through with incorrect or missing order details.

In short, the buttons should only be used on the Checkout page, once the order has been finalized and passed the Cart page.

Potential Solution

A solution to hiding these buttons would be to use CSS code to hide the buttons from the Cart page. For this specific task, we would advise speaking with your theme developers. It may also be possible to disable them as part of the Theme Settings.

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