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How can I edit my bundle page?

The bundle page is where your customers can view, configure, and ultimately purchase a bundle.

It is visible to the public, and functions like any other page template (such as the homepage, product page, and collections page template).

The app creates this page template so that a bundle can exist in its own space, without the theme’s setup affecting it.



In order to understand what to do when it comes to editing your bundle page, it's useful to understand what not to do: do not attempt to edit your bundles through the dummy product page.

Correctly Editing the Bundle Page

To edit what your customers see on the bundle page:

  1. Go into the Bundle Builder app through Apps → Bundle Builder.

  2. Go to Bundles, and the select the bundle you wish to edit.

  3. Select one of the following options to edit your bundle: Setup, Products, Pricing, Design, Shipping & Tax, or Conditions.




Incorrectly Editing the Dummy Product Page


As the dummy product looks like the real bundle product, many merchants attempt to edit their bundle pages through their dummy product page. However, this is incorrect and will likely stop your bundle functioning properly.



Correct: editing your bundle page through Apps > Bundle Builder > Bundles.

Incorrect: editing your bundle page through the dummy product under Products > All products.

Editing SEO information

While the majority of changes to your bundle settings and bundle page must be made through the app, your search engine listing preview can actually be edited through your dummy product page.


To find your search engine settings within your dummy product page:

  1. Go to your Shopify admin dashboard, and select Products → All products.

  2. Select the dummy product for your bundle.

  3. Scroll down to Search engine listing preview, and select Edit website SEO.



Do not edit the Pricing, Inventory, Shipping, or Variants on your dummy product page, even if it appears incorrect

Editing the Preview Details


Page Title

You can use up to 70 characters to write the Page title, which will appear in search engine listings.



This will alter your search engine description only.


Using up to 320 characters, the Description is where you can input text and SEO keywords to improve the visibility of your product in search engine listings. This will not affect the description on your bundle page, as those changes must be made through the app.



To learn more, read Shopify's help guide on editing search engine listing previews here.

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