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Hiding Quantity Selectors

You can remove the quantity selectors from the bundle page by adding this CSS code into the Custom CSS box in the Design section of the app.

You can find this by going to Settings > Design and scrolling down to find the Custom CSS box.

Once here, enter this code via Copy/Paste:

button.bundle-builder-app--button.bundle-builder-app--button--decrease, .bundle-builder-app--quantity--amount, .bundle-builder-app--button.bundle-builder-app--button--increase, button.bundle-builder-app--button.bundle-builder-app--bundle--contents-subtract, span.bundle-builder-app--bundle--contents-quantity, button.bundle-builder-app--button.bundle-builder-app--bundle--contents-add {
display: none!important;

And then click Save.

This will remove all quantity selectors from your bundle page.

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