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Should I enable the 'Buy it now' button?

A dynamic checkout button - or a Buy it now button - is a button displayed next to the Add to cart button on your product page, and next to the Place your order button on the cart page.

This feature is enabled by selecting Show dynamic checkout button on your product page settings. When enabled, your customers can immediately buy the product they're viewing - but only single variants of a product.



Through the dynamic checkout:

A customer can instantly buy two red shirts.

❌  A customer cannot buy one red shirt and one blue shirt.



How Does the Dynamic Checkout Work?


Rather than completing the transaction through the theme's Cart page and then Shopify's Checkout page, the transaction is loaded through the checkout system of the chosen payment gateway to collect payment and shipping details.

The checkout method that is displayed on the button depends on:

  • Your payment settings, activated for your storefront
  • The customer's browser
  • The customer's device
  • The customer's personal payment history
  • The version of the theme you're working with


Note: The button changes in appearance to match the linked payment system's branding - your theme does not have direct control over this.

Should I Enable the Dynamic Checkout?


There are positive and negative factors associated with the dynamic checkout buttons on your storefront which should be considered before enabling this feature:


✅  Enables quick routes to immediate purchases.
✅  Instills a sense of urgency in your customers as an immediate call to action.
✅  Allows extra business functions with some payment system providers.



❌  Not customizable, beyond changing the colors of Shopify's own unbranded button.
❌  Allows customers the ability to skip the Shopify payment system - many Shopify apps and Shopify Automatic Discounts rely on this system being used for the transaction, so this could negatively impact your storefront's functionality.

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