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We do not add new features to older themes. New theme features are applied to the latest version only, and not older versions of the theme. While we can manually apply critical bug fixes to your theme, we strongly recommend updating your theme to address this - click here to learn how.

Version 30.0.5

27th September 2021

  • Bug fix: Multiple featured product sections would only allow variants to be changed in the first section
  • Bug fix: The local pickup information would only be displayed on the first featured product section

Version 30.0.4

24th September 2021

  • Cart count in header updates when cart action is set to 'Page'
  • Contact page content went full-width, now contained
  • Blog listing page went full-width, now contained
  • Recommended products went full-width, now contained
  • Various spacing fixes at mobile screen size:
    • Featured product section: when a product has a single image, there's now more space between the image and product title
    • Image with text section: spacing between elements
    • Product media navigation bullets have more space above them


Version 30.0.3

21st September 2021

  • Bug fix: duplicated topbar menu in sticky header

Version 30.0.2

10th September 2021

  • Bug fix: duplicated icons in sticky header

Version 30.0.1

9th September 2021

  • Fixed the layout shift on hover for the overlay header

Version 30.0.0

9th September 2021

  • All templates excluding gift card, customer and checkout templates now support dynamic sections
  • The collection template header now supports rearrangeable blocks (Collection title, image and description)
  • The collection template includes faceted filtering and additional sidebar blocks can be added if the filtering position is set to 'sidebar'
  • The collection grid contains blocks for the grid item vendor, heading, price and swatches that can be rearranged
  • The product information on the product template now supports blocks than can be added, removed and rearranged
  • App block support added to product and collection templates
  • A no-js navigation was added
  • Some of the global settings, as well as settings belonging to the product and collection template were adjusted or removed where no longer necessary
  • Setting label terminology was improved


Version 27.2.4

16th June 2021


  • Presets update

Version 27.2.3

4th June 2021


  • Enhancement: External links in the header will now open in a new browser window
  • Bug Fix: The out of stock email form will no longer fail if reCaptcha is disabled
  • Bug Fix: It is now possible to have more than one map section on the index page
  • Bug Fix: Adding a fallback image to the map section will no longer cause the section to disappear
  • Bug Fix: Removed slider navigation text when the slideshow section only has a single slide
  • Bug - Variants with special characters in their names are correctly selected.
  • Bug - Removing deprecated shop.taxes_included tag.

Version 27.2.2

18th May 2021


  • Rebrand to 'Eight' 

Version 27.2.0

16th February 2021


  • Accessibility improvements in customer accounts pages

  • Remove default styling of select elements

  • Improve spacing of nav items in sticky header

  • Ensure mobile menu close button is always visible on Safari

  • Allow add to cart when no variants are set

  • Re-enable dropdown option for product variants

  • Improve display of shop the look hotspots

Version 27.1.1

28th January 2021

  • Update footer link hover color

  • Improve predictive search animations and fix clear button

  • Color scheme info text in sections reworded

  • Add subheading size range to video with text overlay section

  • Special character support in product variant names

  • Replace reCaptcha logo with text disclaimer

  • Color scheme improvements

  • Apply section height settings to MP4 videos

  • Allow quantity selector buttons to change quantity on Safari

  • Add option to enable or disable store pickup

  • Remove console error relating to video with text overlay section

  • Keyboard navigation improvements

  • Support for subscriptions

Version 27.0.1

7th December 2020


  • Accessibility: semantic HTML/Aria update

  • Accessibility: Keyboard navigation improvements

  • Code improvements and tidy up

  • Verification pop up javascript fix

  • Color swatch support for different languages

  • Remove console error on product page

  • Store availability spacing improvements

  • Fix for product grid images

  • Accessibility: semantic HTML/Aria update

  • Accessibility: Keyboard navigation improvements

  • Code improvements and tidy up

  • Verification pop up javascript fix

  • Color swatch support for different languages

  • Remove console error on product page

  • Store availability spacing improvements

  • Fix for product grid images

Version 27.0.0

19th November 2020

  • Improved functionality of product page for out of stock products

  • Improved navigation submenu dropdown functionality

  • Option to show shipping and tax information on the product page

  • Translations added to store pickup feature

  • Focus state improvements

  • Option to add a size guide popup to the product page and featured product section

  • Option to chose selected blog articles in the featured blog section

  • Default color contrast optimised for accessibility

  • New 'shop the look' section on the homepage

  • Keyboard navigation improvements

  • Improved aria attributes

  • Safari fix for cart drawer

Version 26.5.0

25th October 2020

  • Accessibility: Keyboard navigation improvements (started not complete)

  • Accessibility: Focus state improvements

  • Page speed improvements: Add preload attribute for the CSS, fonts and JS

  • Page speed improvements: Add font-display: swap to render text as quick as possible

  • Page speed improvements: Load CSS specific to the page

  • Page speed improvements: Defer scripts

  • Surface pickup/Stock location added

  • Quantity box on cart page updates prices automatically

  • Fix product images on mobile not updating selected variant

  • Fix Safari bug jumping to autoplaying video

  • Improve contact form alignment

  • Fix for submenu items in the mobile navigation

Version 26.4.0

9th October 2020

  • Text advert border color improvements

  • Arrow alignment on newsletter submit

  • Reword 'Add image' to 'Add slide' in slideshow

  • Menu arrow visibility on iPad

  • Video hero section to support Vimeo full URLs

  • Grid item image rendering improvements

  • Theme wide alt tags

  • Add li to the payment icons

  • Allow a single variant to be displayed

  • Improve mobile logo alignment

  • Added verification pop up feature

  • Tidy logo load on password page

  • Hide out of stock setting added to swatches

  • Blockquote styling added.

  • Quantity selector alignment fix, specifically on smaller screens

  • Grid layout option for blog page

  • Swatches style from rectangles to circles

  • Logo in sticky header option

  • Predictive search

  • Cart page quantity AJAX load

Version 26.3.0

5th August 2020

  • Improve cart grid design

  • Integrate Shopify's new social image setting

  • Add Remove product button to Cart Drawer

  • Improve images in the rich text editor

  • Add non-minified JS files & 'Developer' zip file

Version 26.2.0

23rd June 2020

  • Make quantity selector on Featured Product section and Product Pages enabled by default

  • Improve header layout on tablet-sized screens

  • Add in aspect ratio options for grid images

Version 26.1.0

22nd June 2020

  • Improve variant switching on mobile

  • Add regular price translation for screen readers

  • Make social and newsletter titles in footer editable

  • Add default table styles

  • Add stars to testimonials on homepage

  • Improve review link transition

  • Add top bar menu items to mobile menu

  • Add "View all" button to Featured Blog section

  • Video Hero now accepts shortened YouTube URLs

  • jQuery Update

Version 26.0.2

28th May 2020

  • Image improvements

  • JS updates

Version 26.0.1

30th April 2020

  • Password page improvements for IE11

  • Out of stock form error improvement

Version 26.0.0

29th April 2020

  • Clean up JS

  • Replace include tags with render

  • New section: Video Hero

  • Review all typography

  • Improve slider overlay position

  • Improve quantity selector design

  • Improve transitions

  • Improve pagination

  • Improve header design

  • Update cookie for pop-up expiration

  • Added TikTok to social media icons and removed Google+

Version 25.1.2

8th April 2020

  • Use localStorage instead of cookies for popup expiration

Version 25.1.1

30th March 2020

  • Improve mobile menu for non-Latin script languages

  • Improve product grid alignment

  • Centre small product images on product page

  • Improve zoom feature UX on product page

Version 25.1.0

18th March 2020

  • Implement multi-language support

  • Implement multi-currency support

Version 25.0.0

9th March 2020

  • Update presets

  • Link titles on Collection list page

  • Improvements for Slideshow typography

  • Improvement for logo list sizing

  • Menu animation improvements

  • Improve dot navigation for Slideshow section

  • Improve button alignment Text over Image section

  • New section: Image with Text Block

  • Map section improvements

  • Improve dropdown selectors across the theme

Version 24.0.0

5th March 2020

  • Added support for product media: 3D models and video

Version 23.0.1

12th February 2020

  • Removed the Instagram Section from theme as per Shopify requirements

Version 23.0.0

22nd January 2020

  • Animation improvements

  • Pagination improvements (numbers as well as prev/next)

  • Typography updates

Version 22.1.0

13th January 2020

  • Reword 'slider arrow color' to 'slider navigation color'

  • Maximum width of text on 'image with text'

  • Moved multiple product grid settings to a global section in 'theme settings'

  • Ensure the mega menu overlays all other content

  • Removed legacy 'Related products/Recommended products' settings

  • Homepage section type from 'Products' to 'Product'

  • Map translations changed to sentence case

  • Add in the routes property

  • Update slideshow text position on Copenhagen

  • Fix testimonial dot position

  • Option to hide blog dates

Version 22.0.0

18th December 2019

  • Full-screen height slideshow

  • Overlay header

  • Left align sticky header menu

  • Mobile header improvements

  • Improvements to the alt tag on gallery and logo list sections

  • Full site translations

Version 21.1.2

22nd November 2019

  • Fix for adding items to cart when no unit price assigned

Version 21.1.1

18th November 2019

  • Added price per unit support for French and German stores

Version 21.1.0

14th November 2019

  • Fix for 100% width video pushing page content out on mobile

  • Homepage map fallback image is no longer cropped

  • Pop up general improvements including close button, alignment and image cropping

  • Centred social icons in the right column of the footer across all devices

  • Added the ability to toggle 'Sold out' badge on/off

  • When there is one product option disable dropdown functionality, make it obvious there is only one option

  • Added a carousel when more than 5 product images

Version 21.0.1

24th October 2019

  • Slideshow mobile image fix for tablet

  • Rewording collection page sidebar option

  • Social icon alignment on tablet

  • Background color amend when using diagonal title style

  • Stockholm preset update for new Waves brand

Version 21.0.0

21st October 2019

  • Focus on text advert block when editing

  • Improved header social icon placement on tablet

  • Improved footer alignment for tablet

  • Improve slideshow layout on tablet

  • Centring newsletter section title on mobile

  • Reducing spacing on collection page

  • Remove 'hero' and 'menu' title conflicts

  • Show password reset message

  • Product page layout improvements when thumbnails are to the left or right

  • Fix incorrect layout on collections

  • Allow headings to be shown as typed

  • Set 'Image with text' and 'Feature row' to display the same on mobile despite changes to desktop order

  • Show onboarding prices in $ not £

  • Featured collections grid improvement

  • Improve 'hide variant label' settings

  • Tidy up layout on pop up form

  • Tidy up text advert alignment

  • Fix automatic discount effecting quantities

  • Update header colour defaults

Version 20.0.0

19th August 2019

  • Added German, French, Spanish and Portuguese translations to the theme settings page

  • Fixed font bug on the announcement bar section

Version 19.5.4

9th August 2019

  • Updated dynamic checkout buttons

  • Removed WeTheme from footer

Version 19.5.2

20th May 2019


  • Fix for new 'Discounts' feature

  • Rejig presets, so Copenhagen now main preset, slideshows have onboarding text

  • Variant image switching fix for mobile

Version 19.5.0

20th May 2019


  • Automatic Discounts

  • Recommended Products

  • Text Adverts improvements (color contrast on navigation in dark mode)

  • Updated support URL

  • Announcement Bar - Bold option removed (now in typography)

  • Sticky nav fix (Extra padding removed on custom pages)

Version 19.4.0

4th May 2019

  • Image only section added to the homepage

Version 19.3.0

10th April 2019

  • Slideshow - text now fades in

  • Blur added to home page section images

  • Option to autohide sold out variants

  • Added 'Cart is empty' into AJAX cart

  • Plugin audit

  • Replace FontAwesome with Feather icons

  • Remove Google+ from social networks

  • Swatches fix for IE

Version 19.2.0

11th March 2019


  • Mobile slideshow images

  • Review stars under product title when enabled

  • Option to hide sale badges in theme settings

  • New fade in - across store

  • Announcement bar - Font options

  • More product per row options

  • Product page - Thumbnail image fade in delay

  • Sale badge broken on list collections

Version 19.1.1

28th October 2018


  • Password page - jQuery Fixes

  • Cart Drawer - Mobile improvements

  • Duplicate FontAwesome on password page

Version 19.1.0

25th October 2018

  • Mega Menu functionality option

  • AJAX Cart Drawer

  • Image in "Text over Image" optimised

  • Single variant not showing when only option is 'Default title

  • Gift Card date - Updated

  • Newsletter image alignment fixed

  • Fix product details moving between on sale and not (1 pixel)

Version 19.0.0

20th September 2018

  • Tickbox to remove animations

  • Page - Widths

  • Option to go straight to cart when clicking 'Add to cart'

  • 'Select a x' option for product pages

  • Color swatches

  • SKU number option on product page and indiv product home page section

  • RRP option

  • Option to add image into footer

  • Blog posts (home page) - Option to hide blog images

  • Rich text - Widths

  • Slide dots default in testimonials

  • Show/hide 'Follow us' Instagram section button

  • Quantity box - styling updates

  • Ensure 'Text adverts' as both a site, and home page option (as a seperate section)

  • Individual variants in cart

  • Option for case for headers

  • Popup improvements

  • Indiv product dot location

  • jQuery - Conflict minimisation, and update/CDN removal

  • Social media icons to open a new window

  • Product thumbnail layout

  • Image with text - Sizing options

  • Custom HTML padding

  • Buttons to be the same font

  • Date translations

  • Sale badge appearing above the sort dropdown.

  • Auto-height images are stretched out when showing 2 to a row

Version 18.0.0

19th July 2018

  • Added optional 'Sticky header' functionality

  • Added missing 'Success message' on contact form

  • Added sold out badge color into theme settings

  • Slider arrows - changed to icons, so now color can be controlled at individual section level

  • Option to hide social icons individually on product and article pages

  • Search bar styling changes (less width to ensure customer doesn't have to travel far to search)

  • Cart styling improvements (increased padding on desktop)

  • Header icons - New iconset, so added option to have 'Solid', 'Medium' and 'Light' weights

  • Zoom optimised, so doesn't load when images too small

  • Payment icons updated

  • Increase max number of slideshow slides (from 6 to 12 - frequent customer request)

  • Header icon sizes - Can now choose between 'Small', 'Medium' and 'Large'

  • Remove menu border in 'Typography', and add option to set in 'Colors'

  • 'Assets' clean-up

  • Fixed bug - Missing link for pages in search results

Version 17.1.0

30th May 2018

  • New font choices - Oovr 100 new fonts are now available to choose through the theme editor

Version 17.0.0

3rd April 2018

  • 'Smart payment button' functionality

Version 16.1.1

20th March 2018

  • Currency functionality

  • Fix for Instagram section (links sometimes not showing correctly)

Version 13.7.0

24th October 2017

  • Improved cart options

  • Fix for filter

  • Fix 'Text Adverts' loading (and showing a black bottom line) when empty (no blocks)

Version 13.6.0

17th October 2017

  • Further changes to page titles (make sure they are styled consistently)

  • Slide dots not showing by default

  • Cart price always on right (sometimes showed in center)

  • Change footer text to a darker grey

  • Added a small margin to left of dropdown menu arrow

  • Fix mobile menu error when cart is set to page

Version 13.5.0

16th October 2017

  • Add optional title and description to gallery images

  • Added missing JSON data

  • Slider now fires by default on mobile

  • Contact page - mobile images not cannot go over a maximum width of 100%

  • Change page template from H2 to H1

  • Removed extra padding at bottom of page templates

  • Fixed weird double pagination on certain instances of collection-template

  • Underline links in footer articles not removed

Version 9.1.3

21st November 2016

  • Removed Twitter API call

Version 9.1.2

23rd October 2016

  • Added 'Featured Image' block

Version 8.1.0

7th September 2016

  • Additional Google Font choices

  • Automatic addition of 'Account icon' in header when accounts are enabled

  • Improvements to home page onboarding

  • FlexSlider to 2.6.2 (from 2.4.0)

  • Removed blog sidebar 'Facebook Likes' box

  • Pinterest not sharing an image on article page

  • Small issue with DIV clearing on 'list-collections' template

Version 8.0.1

25th August 2016

  • Improvements to product image slider on mobile (with variant selection)

Version 7.2.8

15th June 2016


  • Improvements to Cart Functionality

Version 7.2.7

5th May 2016

  • Improvements to Mobile Menu

Version 7.2.6

4th May 2016

  • Improvements to 'All Collections' page

Version 7.2.5

28th April 2016

  • Further improvements to PNG logo image uploads

Version 7.2.4

28th April 2016


  • Fixed issue with some logos not uploading correctly

Version 7.2.3

27th April 2016

  • Improved 'Password.liquid' page

Version 7.2.2

17th April 2016

  • Improved 'Remove' button in cart

Version 7.2.1

16th April 2016

  • Default rows on collection page now 3 (not 1)

Version 7.2.0

16th April 2016



  • Major update with new homepage section functionality

  • Added liquid changes to footer to mould to users preferences

Version 7.0.0

15th March 2016



  • Fixed small bug when hovering a product image that is too small for box

  • Improved Cart 'Checkout Buttons'

  • Improved Instagram feed on mobile/tablet devices

  • Moved placement of 'Purchase Options' and 'Buy Now' button on Product Pages

Version 7.0.0

20th February 2016

  • (Re)added Instagram integration

Version 6.1.0

4th February 2016

  • Removed Instagram integration

Version 6.0.8

27th November 2015

  • Overhauled the theme settings

Version 6.0.0

23rd October 2015

  • Added support for Apple Wallet

  • Integrated the new 'Article Image' feature

  • Improved look of 'Add to Cart' buttons

  • Enhanced error messages

  • Improved the blog advert in sidebar

  • Improved the social media sharing on the blog

  • Updated theme settings text

  • Fixed quantity box issue on preset 'Gothenburg'

  • No 'Featured Products' header when no collection is selected

Version 5.2.0

23rd April 2015

  • Add option to have 3/4 in a row on collection and homepage

  • Social media icons added to blog posts

  • 'Sold Out' now shows instead of price on collection pages

  • Ability to change 'Add to Cart' button

Version 5.1.0

8th April 2015

  • Added ability to remove Facebook Comments on product pages

  • Added support for Shopify Reviews

  • Footer Newsletter - Improved styling and added MailChimp functionality from dashboard

  • Improved Styling of Social Sharing Icons

Version 5.2.0

23rd April 2015

  • Add option to have 3/4 in a row on collection and homepage

  • Social media icons added to blog posts

  • 'Sold Out' now shows instead of price on collection pages

  • Ability to change 'Add to Cart' button

Version 5.2.0

23rd April 2015

  • Add option to have 3/4 in a row on collection and homepage

  • Social media icons added to blog posts

  • 'Sold Out' now shows instead of price on collection pages

  • Ability to change 'Add to Cart' button

Version 5.0.0

27th March 2015

  • Added more functionality to the popups, allowing images to be shown on the right

Version 4.3.0

16th March 2015


  • Added new 'dark' preset - Gothenburg.

Version 4.1.1

13th March 2015


  • Fixed small bug with caption sliders

Version 4.1.0

18th February 2015

  • Removed all reference to 'http:' so the theme now works in the new theme editor

Version 4.0.5

17th January 2015

  • Fixed bug with Pinterest on showing the product page

Version 4.0.4

20th December 2014

  • Optimised mobile menu and fixed small bug

Version 4.0.3

20th December 2014

  • Pop-ups have now been turned off on all presets

Version 4.0.2

20th December 2014

  • Fixed error with padding with using dropdown menus on the top header bar.

Version 4.0.1

10th December 2014

  • Fix error with FlexSlider sliders not coming out in sequential order

Version 4.0.0

9th December 2014

  • Incorporating the new features of version 3, V4 contains 100s of bug fixes, improvements and enhancements.

Version 2.6.0

27th August 2014


  • All new social media icons for the footer, and the addition of Instagram.

Version 2.5.6

10th December 2014

  • Improved styling with the alternative payment methods on cart page

Version 2.5.5

4th August 2014


  • Fixed small bug on homepage when there were multiple products in 'Featured'

Version 2.5.4

23rd July 2014

  • Updated the product breadcrumb (product URL code on homepage)

Version 2.5.3

21st July 2014


  • Changed product.url on the collection pages

  • Updated the product breadcrumb

Version 2.5.0

17th June 2014

  • Major update, including enhancements and bug fixes

Version 2.1.0

23rd September 2013

  • Added two more presets to the theme

Version 1.3.3

19th April 2013

  • Updated code for new Shopify Features

Version 1.3.2

4th March 2014

  • Fixed small bug when publishing certain articles

Version 1.3.1

18th December 2012

  • Fixed small CSS bug (z-index of #product-nav-wrapper)

Version 1.3.0

8th November 2012

  • Added homepage linklist

Version 1.2.0

31st October 2012


  • Removed CSS which hides slider when using mobile devices

  • Changed wording to ensure AdBlock shows the promotional boxes on homepage

  • Changed readme to reflect changes (from advert to promotional boxes)

  • Fixed width issue when using mobile devices

Version 1.1.5

11th October 2012

  • Changed mouseover delay from 100 milliseconds to 900

Version 1.1.4

25th September 2012

  • Added code to always include default header, Montserrat

Version 1.1.3

14th September 2012

  • Fixed spelling mistake

Version 1.1.2

7th September 2012

  • Added code that ensures blog posts always render properly

Version 1.1.1

6th August 2012

  • Removed extra Google Analytics code

  • Removed unneeded CSS

  • Removed extra hidden content

  • Changed attribution and readme location to WeTheme.com

Version 1.0.0

10th June 2012

  • Initial release

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