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Image Dimensions

While it's possible to upload your storefront's images in other sizes and aspect ratios, we recommend the following sizes to make your shop look sharp and professional.

The image sizes that we have outlined in pixels are formatted in Width x Height. Unless your customers use high DPI displays, your theme scales down the images to fit perfectly in your customers' browser window.


While full height will vary based on the viewers' screen size, we recommend the following image sizes for slideshow sections.


  • Recommended image size for large screens: 2600 x 1000px
  • Recommended image sizes for desktops and popular laptops: 2000 x 900px



  • Square image: 2000 x 2000 px
  • Landscape images: 2000 x 1800px
  • Portrait images: 1600 x 2000px


  • Banner image (at the top of the page): 2000 x 175px
  • Feature image: 480 x 320px


The recommended image dimension for adverts depends on how many are used.


  • One advert: 1700 x 350px
  • Two or more: 1000 x 650px

Blog Posts


Blog post images: 1000 x 350px

Image With Text Overlay


  • Image with Text Overlay: 2000 x 1350px

Video With Text Overlay

  • Video with Text Overlay: 1200 x 900 px

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