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How to Create a Plan

A subscription plan is determined by how often a customer will receive their order, and can contain an optional discount.


Step 1: Create a New Plan Within a Plan Group


A plan group is like a menu for the subscription options that sit on your product page, allowing your customers to read through the available subscription plans, and select the one most suitable for them.

Note: To create a subscription plan, you must first create a plan group - click here to learn how.


To create a plan for a brand new plan group, select Create plan.



To create a plan for an existing plan group:

  1. Click on the plan group you wish to add a plan to.
  2. Scroll down to Selling plans.
  3. Select Add another plan.


Step 2: Create a Plan Title


The Plan title summarizes the benefits of what your plan offers.



This is displayed within the drop-down menu on your product page as part of your subscription purchase options.




'Delivery every 2 weeks (10% off)'
£20 discount, orders every month'
'Subscribe weekly, save 25%'.

Step 3: Create a Plan Label


The Plan label summarizes the benefits of what your plan offers in a shorter form than your plan title.



This is displayed within your cart and checkout.



'2 Weeks, 10% off'
'Monthly, £20 off'

Step 4: Enter Your Billing Rules


Under Billing rules, you can define the conditions of your subscription plan, such as:

  • The Interval between each order arriving (required).
  • The Minimum number of fulfillments before the customer can cancel (optional).
  • The Maximum number of fulfillments altogether (optional).


Step 5: Add an Optional Discount


Under Pricing, you can choose to incentivize your customers to subscribe by adding a discount, including:

  • Percentage discount
  • Fixed discount
  • Fixed price

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