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Where on my storefront can I display my bundle?

When you create a bundle, it will be assigned its own bundle page. This is because in order for Bundle Builder to function with the Shopify platform, it must be assigned its own template - rather than using the standard product page.


To display your bundle on your storefront, you can use your Bundle URL to paste it as a link within your homepage sections, pages, and navigation links.

Correctly Displaying Your Bundle

To correctly display your bundle on your storefront:


  1. Open the Bundle Builder app.
  2. Go to Bundles, and select the bundle you wish to use.
  3. Under Bundle links, go to Bundle URL and select Copy to clipboard.
  4. Paste this link somewhere onto your storefront.



Incorrectly Displaying Your Bundle


In order for the app to function correctly, it's essential that your customer doesn't interact with the bundle outside the bundle page, and that your bundle is correctly integrated into the storefront.


Essentially, this means that you cannot place your bundle anywhere on your storefront that will bypass this bundle page. This includes linking your dummy bundle product to a section as a real product, using apps or services which may allow the customer to add your bundle to the cart by bypassing the bundle page. Examples of these pre-existing storefront parts include:


❌  Wishlist apps
❌  Theme-powered Quick Buy functionality
❌  Alternative payment gateways


Google Pay, PayPal and other payment providers can be used to complete the transaction process, but only as long as the customer still follows the normal purchase journey from bundle page to Cart to Checkout.


To avoid any issues, we recommend the following:

  • Only use your bundle URL link to advertise your bundle on your store.
  • Do not use your dummy bundle product in place of the bundle URL (e.g. in a 'Featured product' section).
  • Do not use apps which use a 'quick buy' functionality.
  • Do not use alternative payment gateways on your store.

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