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How do I set up subscriptions with Bundle Builder?

Note: Our current 'subscriptions' feature is an order reminder, and re-order system, built into the app.  This pre-dates the availability of a subscription API, which allows for automatic recurring billing within Shopify.  However, this API has now become available, allowing us to work on adding this into the app.  
After communication with Shopify, and in line with our plans to extend Bundle Builder's functionality and add in true subscriptions, including automatic recurring billing, in the near future - we are removing what we currently label as 'subscriptions' from the app, for all new app installs, and merchants who do not currently have active subscriptions set on current bundles.  
We are currently working on a revamped Bundle Builder, due for release in phases throughout 2022.  
This will have no impact on any current bundles, which offer 'subscriptions'.  


Bundle Builder empowers you to control the pricing of your bundles with our subscription options. To edit the purchase options on your bundle:

  1. Go to Bundles.
  2. Select the bundle that you would like to edit.
  3. Select Pricing.

In order to view your subscription options, you must first ensure that you have selected either Subscription only or One-time purchase & Subscription under Purchase options.

  • Subscription only - customers can only select a subscription option.
  • One-time purchase & Subscription - one-time purchase with an optional subscription, selected by customers.



Setting the Subscription Frequency

If you select either Subscription only or One-time purchase & Subscription, you will be able to select your Subscription frequency options. These can be set to days, weeks, or months.


Example: How often would you like your coffee delivered?

Subscription Frequency 1 > Every Three Days
Subscription Frequency 2 > Every Week
Subscription Frequency 3 > Every Month


Once the customer has added their chosen items to the bundle, the subscription options can be selected from the menu.



For an example of how these purchase options appear and function on your storefront, click here to be taken to a test store.

Adding a Subscription Discount

The Subscription discount can be set to the following options:

  • Fixed price - a set price regardless of how many products are in the bundle.
  • Fixed discount - a fixed figure is taken from the bundle and applied as a discount.
  • Percentage discount - a percentage is taken off the bundle price.



Sending Invoice Reminders

If you would like to enable automated email reminders to customers who have not paid an invoice after a certain period of time, select Send invoice reminders.


The customer will receive an invoice based on the interval selected when the bundle was ordered.

Warning: Please note that the customer has to pay again manually each time. 

The option to make the subscription payment automatic is something we certainly intend to build into future app version - we are waiting on Shopify expanding their current system to allow for better integrations for apps such as Bundle Builder.


Invoice reminders are sent to the customer:

  • Three days before the due date if the invoice interval is more than week
  • One day before the due date if the invoice interval is seven days or less
  • A final reminder on the actual due date.


If you would like to receive an email notification whenever an invoice is sent to a customer, select Receive notifications when invoices are sent - this will be sent to your storefront email address.


Cancelling a Subscription


If your customer wishes to cancel a subscription, they can do so through their invoice emails. These will contain a link to the Subscription Settings page, where the customer can view the details of their subscription and cancel it if they wish.

When a subscription is cancelled, both you and your customer will receive confirmation emails.

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