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How do I add bundles to collections?

As dummy products act as the placeholder for the real bundle product, they exist within the Product section on your Shopify dashboard like any other product.

Due to the app's system of duplicating dummy products, displaying bundles within collections works differently to displaying other products; it's likely you will only want to display one dummy product to represent a bundle, and not any duplicates.

Therefore, collections need to be designed in a way where they will still display the dummy product, but filter out any duplicates - and we have some simple solutions for this:


❌ Avoid using the Bundle Builder Collection page.

❌ Avoid displaying the Catalog Page on your storefront.

✅ Consider creating a new collection.

Avoiding the Automatic Bundle Builder Collection


When you install Bundle Builder, a collection called Bundle Builder Products is created automatically under Products > Collections.



We recommend you set the Collection availability for this collection to 'unavailable' - this is because upon creating a new bundle, all dummy products are automatically added to this collection, including duplicate dummy products. To set this:


  1. Within your Shopify admin dashboard, go to Products > Collections.
  2. Select Bundle Builder Products.
  3. Under Collection availability on the right-hand sidebar, select Manage.
  4. Deselect the checkbox stating Online Store so that it is empty, and click Done.
  5. Scroll to the bottom, and click Save.



Avoiding Using the Catalog Page

Another way that your bundle products might be displayed on your store is through your catalog page.

Every store has a catalog page under their URL: your-store.com/collections/all - this displays all visible products on the store. This includes duplicate dummy products, and for this reason we do not recommend linking your catalog page to your storefront.

Adding New Collections


Instead, we recommend you add your dummy products to a new collection. This way, you will be able to control which bundle products the customer sees, without the risk of duplicate products appearing.

There are two ways you can do this: by creating a manual collection or an automated collection:

  1. Go to Products > Collections.
  2. Select Create collection.
  3. Scroll down to Collection type.



If you create a new collection to display your bundle, ensure that Collection availablility is set to 'available'.


Manual Collection Type

Using a manual collection type is a simple solution for ensuring that duplicate dummy products are not displayed as part of your collection, as you must manually add each product to the collection one by one.

The downside of this is the process of adding each individual product, and therefore you might prefer to use an automated collection type instead.


Automated Collection Type

The automated collection type is a great solution for correctly displaying bundle products on your storefront.

Automated collections allow you to set conditions so that only products with specific tags are included. This is ideal for bundles: when dummy products duplicate, they do not carry forward product tags.

Therefore, by adding a product tag for each of your bundle products and adding this tag to your automated collections, this acts as a filter by preventing the untagged duplicates from appearing within the collection.

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