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How do I edit my auto-generated variant prefixes?

When a customer picks products for a bundle, they essentially create a bundle configuration - in order words, a specific combination of the products that they could choose from on the bundle page.‌

In order to keep track of these specific bundle configurations, these numbers are preceded by variant prefixes - which you can edit to suit your store.

Locating Auto-Generated Variants


Every time a customer puts a new bundle configuration into their cart, Bundle Builder will automatically generate a variant to represent the configuration of that customer's bundle, which can be found on the dummy product page within your Shopify Admin dashboard:


  1. Go to Products > All products.
  2. Select the dummy product for your bundle.
  3. Scroll to Variants.




It's important to note that these bundle variants do not function like order numbers - variants do not represent a specific customer's bundle, but instead they represent the specific combination of products within the bundle.‌

As a result, if multiple customers add exactly the same products to their bundle, they can share the same bundle variant.


Customers with the same bundle configurations can share the same bundle variant.

Editing Variant Prefixes


The variant prefix is what precedes the bundle configuration number - this is generally used as a reference number that the customer can quote (for example, if they need to make a return). To edit the prefix:‌


  1. Go to Bundles.
  2. Select the bundle that you would like to edit.
  3. Select Shipping & Tax.
  4. Under Shipping & Tax, enter your Variant prefix.
  5. Click Save.




You may wish to edit your variant prefix to specify what type of bundle product you are selling.


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