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Which type of bundle is faster?

Generally, Multiple SKU bundles will process more quickly than Single SKU bundles - Bundle Builder needs to complete several steps before adding a Single SKU bundle to the cart, including checking the product configuration, and creating the variant product.  

The below table should help you determine which bundle type is best suited for your store:


Single SKU bundle

Multiple SKU bundle

Requires manual installation steps

Uses Shopify’s draft orders functionality

Creates a bundle product with a unique URL in the Product section of your admin

Creates variants

A variant is created each time a new bundle is purchased.

Inventory is synced

Discount codes can be used

Works with third-party fulfilment apps

Works with some apps

Works for pre-set bundles

Works for fixed price bundles where products are all $0

Can set a unique SKU for your bundle product

Can choose whether you require shipping for the bundle or not

Shipping will be determined by the individual product settings.

Uses Line item properties or Shipping scripts

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