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Why are my Dummy Products duplicating?

Shopify's Limit of 100 Variants

Bundle Builder automatically generates variants for each individual bundle configuration, based on the products within the bundle.  As there can be unlimited numbers of bundle configurations, the number of variants can quickly build up on this dummy product page, as the bundles sell.

On Shopify's platform, a product page can only hold a maximum of 100 variants, and the dummy product page works in exactly the same way.  

When you have reached 100 different configurations of the same bundle, and a customer adds the 101st bundle configuration to their cart, the variant limit has been reached - but the app still needs to auto-generate a variant, in spite of Shopify's limit of 100 per product.

Therefore, Bundle Builder works around these limitations; it duplicates the dummy product.

Duplicating Dummy Products

By duplicating the dummy product, Bundle Builder allows you to continue selling new bundles configurations without limitations:

  • The old dummy product - the one that has been duplicated, having reached its full capacity of 100 variants - can no longer function like a normal dummy product. This is assigned the tagbundle-builder-dummy-legacy.

  • The new dummy product - the duplicate - therefore goes on to auto-generate variants as normal. This is assigned the tag bundle-builder-dummy-latest.

This cycle can then continue if your bundle sells more than 200 bundle configurations; if the new dummy product auto-generates 100 variants, it will then also duplicate and become another old dummy product.


Dummy Product A auto-generates 100 variants; it has reached capacity, and can no-longer generate any more. It duplicates, and becomes an old dummy product.

Dummy Product B is the new dummy product - the duplicate of Dummy Product A. It auto-generates variants with each new bundle configuration, until it eventually also reaches capacity at 100 variants.

It also duplicates, and becomes another old dummy product.

Dummy Product C then becomes the new dummy product, while Dummy Product A and Dummy Product B remain in place as old dummy products.


As a side note - variants will be created with each individual configuration that is added to a customer cart - even if the customer doesn't end up purchasing the bundle.  If a customer adds a bundle configuration to their cart which already exists as a variant, then the app will not create a new variant. 

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