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How do I create a new shipping profile?

Note: You will need to have created a selling plan prior to creating a shipping profile.

Step 1: Create a New Shipping Profile

Having created your first selling plan, you can create a new shipping profile to tailor your plan's delivery rates to.


  1. Within the Assemble app, go to Shipping.
  2. In the top right-hand corner, select New shipping profile.



Step 2: Enter Your Profile Details

A selling plan can only be associated with one shipping profile.


  1. Go to Profile Name, and enter a title for your reference.
  2. In the Associate Selling Plan field, enter the name of the selling plan that you wish to associate your shipping plan with.



Step 3: Set Up Your Geographical Region

The next step is to select the geographical region with which you wish to set up your shipping profile, determining where your deliveries are shipped to and from.


Note: In order to set up where your shipping profile delivers from, please ensure that you have set up your store's shipping settings within your Shopify admin under Settings > Shipping and delivery.


  1. Within the Shipping from entry field, select a delivery location that you have set up through your Shopify admin under Settings > Shipping and delivery.
  2. Scroll to Shipping to and select Create Shipping Zone to set up a region for your shipping plan to include - this will enable a modal to appear on your screen.
  3. Within the modal, use the Shipping Zone Name entry field to create a title for you to reference the group of countries, states, or provinces allocated.
  4. Click the Select Countries entry field, and select one or more countries from the drop-down menu to add to your shipping zone.
  5. If one of the countries you have selected has multiple provinces within it, select the pencil icon to edit which provinces are included within your selection. To remove provinces from this selection, simply untick the All provinces checkbox, and delete the provinces you wish to exclude from this shipping profile.
  6. Select Done to confirm your changes, and select Add Shipping Location to repeat the same process as you wish to add further locations.



Note: Selecting the Rest of World checkbox will add a zone that will cover all countries not implicitly selected by a profile - however, this will disable and clear all country selections for this zone.

Step 4: Add Your Profile's Rates

By adding rates to your shipping profile, you can tailor the prices of your subscription deliveries to rates that suit your business.


  1. Within Shipping to, select Add rate to enable the Create rate modal.
  2. Under Rate name, select the title of your rate to be displayed within the customer's checkout. 
  3. To add a weight or value condition to your rate, select Add Conditions.
  4. Within the Based on drop-down menu, select either Value or Weight.
  5. Using the Condition drop-down menu, select either Greater Than or Equal To or Less Than or Equal To.
  6. Use the Amount entry field to enter your chosen value or weight limit.
  7. Select Done to confirm your changes, and create more rates as you wish.



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